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Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.

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Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct
Retail: $106.49
Our Price: $38.78
Item # 193146621

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    Bayer Breeze 2 Glucose Control Solution Normal - 2.5ml is made to be used with the Bayer Breeze 2 Glucose Monitoring System to ensure your system is producing accurate test results

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  • $1.12
    Product Information

    The Bayer Breeze 2 glucose test strips use a convenient pre-loaded test strip disc containing 10 glucose test strips. The automatic test strip disc eliminates the need to handle small individual test strips and makes testing blood glucose levels easier than ever for people of all ages. Auto calibration makes testing your blood glucose level easier than ever. Whether you are buying strips for a child who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or if you are purchasing them for an elderly patient, this system has a lot of benefits to offer.

    The main benefit of the proprietary pre-loaded discs is that they help to make it easier to handle the product. Individual strips can cause a great deal of frustration for many patients, because handling and loading them correctly can be a chore even for experienced diabetics. In addition, the less handling the strips get, the less likely it is that they will be damaged; damaged strips can lead to inaccurate readings, which require retesting or can lead to negative outcomes when decisions are made without knowing a reading isn't accurate. Because the strips are attached to the meter, there's also lower risk of getting them dirty by dropping them. With less waste, diabetics can save a great deal of money, since they're able to use more of the strips they buy.

    The auto calibration feature of the testing system ensures a minimum of user error, which is important for new diabetics in particular; making sure to get the right balance of medicine and food is vital to maintaining health and wellness, and errors in test results can mean overcompensation in one direction or the other, which can lead to dangerous complications for patients. By making the system as straightforward and simplified as possible, the Bayer Breeze 2 and the strips it uses make it possible for diabetics to learn how to monitor their levels safely.

    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips Features:

    • No Coding Required: Each test strip cartridge automatically calibrates itself to make testing easier than ever.
    • Capillary Action: The Bayer Breeze 2 test strips use an advanced capillary action that pullsť blood onto the test strip automatically.
    • Convenient Cartridges: The Breeze 2 diabetic test strip cartridges contain 10 test strips each and are attached to the meter to prevent dropping and loss of the test strips.
    • No Strip Handling: The unique Breeze 2 glucose test strip cartridges load and eject themselves so you never have to handle a test strip again. Each glucose test strip is individually wrapped to stay fresh longer.
    • Fast & Accurate Results: Get test results in as little as 5 seconds and the auto calibration reduces user error and ensures accurate test results.


    • 100 Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips


    Best Expiration Date Guaranteed!

    Manufactured by Bayer Products

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    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    Average rating:
    11 reviews

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    Featured positive reviews:

    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    glucose test strips 06/02/2014
    By James Smith
    I am glad to be able to purchase test strips for my glucometer Breeze 2 , I haven't been able to test my glucose levels in a very long time because of the cost , and when I found this site I was able to get my strips . It is really terrible how every retailer uses Diabetes as goldmine product to fatten their profits , as a Type 1 diabetic for 24 years all I want to do is manage my disease not make enormous profits for them that don't care . Thank you .
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    Great Products Excellent Prices02/03/2014
    By Marty Durden
    I have been ordering from total dieab. for several years now. They are fast on delivery and GREAT on prices. I can purchase 100 strips for less than half of what I use to pay at any drug stores including Sams Club. Thank You TD for your Great prices.
    Marty Durden
    W.R. Ga.
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    By Donna Ferguson
    I ordered these from you for the first time. I'm astonished by how much I saved ordering from you. I got the same amount at CVS and after insurance I paid $88! I will order these from you forever.
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    Good product10/16/2012
    By susie osio
    Good product and very quick shipping time. I like the convienance of the disc technology. And of course the accuracy you get from Bayer.
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    By John Barnard
    The strips I bought were less than half of price here in local super market. thank you.
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    Bayer Breeze 2 test strips04/08/2014
    By Penny
    they worked perfectly with my Bayer Breeze 2 meter. Arrived quickly as well.
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    Test strips03/01/2013
    By Marilyn Whisenhant
    Would Medicare pay something on these strips if you had a prescription?
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    By Donna Ferguson
    I am very pleased with my purchases. Your prices cannot be beaten.
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    Breeze 2 strips01/22/2014
    By Penny Deal
    They arrived very quickly and work well with my meter.
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    Bayer Breeze 2 test strips07/30/2014
    By Ann Hughes
    Excellent communication, shipping and updates!!!!!
    Bayer Breeze 2 Test Strips - 100 ct.
    By RevCarmellaE Braico
    Excellent price and product.
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