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Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.

Contour Test Strips, Countour Strips, Countour Glucose Test Strips
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Our Price: $19.89
Item # 193709850

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Product Information

The Bayer

Contour glucose test strips

feature an easy to open flip top bottle with a built in desiccant to keep test strips fresh longer, perfect for people of all ages. No coding is required thanks to the

Contour strips

automatic calibration designed to reduce user error and ensure accurate test results. Small required blood samples (0.6 microliters) and a test strip indicator window makes blood application simple and virtually painless. Alternate site testing reduces the pain associated with by repetitive glucose testing on the same area.

Bayer Contour Test Strips Features:

  • Small Blood Samples (0.6 microliters)
  • No coding required (Auto-Calibration). The meter will code itself automatically each time a new lot of test strips are used.
  • Fast and accurate 5 second testing
  • Slip-in Sampling ensures the right amount of blood is applied each time for less wasted test strips.
  • Alternate test sites to reduce the pain associated with testing on the same spot each time. Great for individuals who frequently perform glucose blood tests.
  • Flip top bottle keeps the Contour test strips fresh longer and is easy to open, close, and handle for people of all ages.
  • Easy to use, simply insert a new test strip and apply blood.


  • 50 Bayer / Ascensia Contour Glucose Test Strips

Notes & Specifications:

Expiration Date is 12+ Months Guaranteed!

Manufactured by Bayer Products

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Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Average rating:
25 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
As described09/20/2012
By jackie j
I saw there was no review for this product so i thought i would give my two sense. Product arrived quickly and undamaged. The expiration date was fine. I assume most people are familiar with bayer contour, its not a cheap test strip and you pay for what you get. The results are very accurate and consistent. And with the more than half off retail you can go wrong. Buy with confidence. Its the real deal.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Thank you.03/05/2015
By Ernest Spamer
I ordered these by mistake and called the Customer Service Department. The Lady was very helpful in explaining that I could return the item. She gave me a RMA and I sent them back to you. Thank you for helping me get through this mistake that I made.
Sincerely, E. K. S.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Bayer Contour strips03/16/2014
By Heidi Carse
I am very happy with these contour strips for my Contour USB meter!! They are so much cheaper than the drug stores!
I am now on medicare and still shop with Total Diabetes Supply
for over a year now for best service and delivery.
Thank you!
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Expires a bit Earlier than in Stores, but Worth the Buy!02/01/2013
By Joanna
This product was great, as it was 50 % less than what you get at pharmacies. The only thing is that the expiry was about 1 year instead of 2 years if you buy it in stores. Nevertheless, a fantastic buy!
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Test Strips02/18/2014
By Gingersnap
These Bayer test strips are perfect. And, I might add, much cheaper than you can purchase at the pharmacy. I've purchased them several times and they work as they should and last a long time.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Contour Glucose Strips12/25/2013
By Sharon O'Connor
What can I say except this was an exceptional value!! The price for my strips was the cheapest price around! Compared to the pharmacy prices, I saved 50% or more on this item.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Fast delivery02/27/2014
By Aloma Hawkins
I really appreciate the good service I receive. I place my order on line and in a very short time my order is here. Thank you so much for the great customer service.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
By Kim Stanley
I have ordered my husband's diabetic supplies from this company since July 2013 and never had a problem. They arrive quickly and the prices are well within my HSA budget!
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Good product and great service02/14/2014
By Deborah Shapiro
I always use my USB meter with the Contour Test Strips and this vendor has a wonderful price with great service! I WILL be purchasing my supplies here again! Thank you!
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
BG Testing Supplies, Small07/16/2014
By Susan E Scott
Ordered Bayer Contour by mistake, needed Bayer Contour NEXT. Returned for refund, applied, then re-ordered.
Big PRO: excellent price
Cons: practically none
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
All good09/24/2012
By Richard Hastings
Smooth transaction, strips came un damaged, over year and a half on the expiration and arrived on time. Quality company and they work with insurance . :-)
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
By Mark
The strips work exactly as they should and the price SO much cheaper than anywhere else. The only thing was the shipping took a little longer than usual.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Bayer contour test strips03/03/2015
By Gwen Brock
I am pleased with the price, they are double the price at even Walmart, and they keep going up in price. They are the same product, so they are great.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
wrong order01/29/2014
received wrong test strips. customer service was very good in solving my problem!!!
Thank you for a polite and very helpful employee!!!
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
By Patrick Harney
Best service you can receive. Very easy to use. No need to look else where for supplies.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Test strips04/28/2014
By Jan Widowski
Fast service best test strips to use to test blood sugar.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
By Viveica Jackson
For the money, it's was a good purchase. Thanks much!
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
customer service05/05/2014
By Thornton Rogers
Quick service and quick mailing of purchase.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Thank you01/15/2015
By debra willis
Order test strips. Fast shipment..thanks
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
By Frank Kelly
Excellent service and a very good price
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
contour strips12/31/2013
By joseph Petrucha
excellent service, excellent price
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
bayer contour test strips03/20/2014
By joseph petrucha
Excellent service, excellent price
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
Test Strips12/26/2013
By Sheila Cotto
Good product for glucose control
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
By arthur aranda
same as above.
Bayer Contour Test Strips - 50 ct.
By Claudina Matos
Very satisfied
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