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Becton Dickinson Syringes Magni-Guide Scale Magnifier

Becton Dickinson Syringes Magni-Guide Scale Magnifier
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Product Information

Do you have difficulty seeing the numbers on your insulin syringe or is the limited mobility in your hands making it difficult to get the syringe needle into the vial? Our BD Magni-Guide Insulin Syringe Scale Magnifier can help! This device works as both an insulin syringe scale magnifier and a needle guide. It is designed to offer the dexterity benefits of providing those who need help stabilizing the syringe and insulin vial while injecting the ability to eliminate just that and the magnification benefits of magnifying the syringe scale 1.7 times to make for easier reading for those who need help reading the scale on the syringe. The insulin vial snaps onto the end of the BD Magni-Guide Insulin Syringe Scale Magnifier device and a groove in the device allows the needle to be easily guided into the vial stopper. The BD Magni-Guide Insulin Syringe Scale Magnifier is a terrific tool for diabetics with low vision or people who have limited mobility in their hands.

Becton Dickinson Syringes Magni-Guide Scale Magnifier Features:

  • Magnification Benefits: Magnifies syringe calibrations 1.7 times for the full length of the syringe making the scale easier to read.
  • Easy Handling: Makes handling easy by holding the syringe and drug bottle firmly while the proper dosage is drawn.
  • Brand: The Becton Dickinson brand of this magni-guide insulin syringe scale magnifier is one of the most trusted names in the medical technology industry.


  • BD Magni-Guide Insulin Syringe Scale Magnifier


  • Insulin vials of different manufacturers are different sizes thus effecting how the vials fit inside the magnifier
  • Fits 1cc, 1/2cc and 3/10cc BD Single Use Insulin Syringes

Manufactured by BD (Becton Dickinson) Products

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