Eating Out at Italian and Mexican Restaurants When You Have Diabetes

If you have diabetes and you want to enjoy dinner at a night, there are a few options that you should try. Here is a brief guide to enjoying dining out when you have diabetes. This guide can help you to choose better options when you eat out and also reduce the poor choices that you make when selecting foods at restaurants.


Eating Out at Italian Restaurants


Italian restaurants are one of the top favorites of Americans in the United States. At Italian restaurants there are a number of food options that may or may not be so healthy. If you want to order lasagna, try only eating half at dinner. Garden salads may come with high fat dressings. Eating a salad with a low-fat dressing can help you to save on calories and a lot of sodium.


Eating Out at Mexican Restaurants


Enjoying foods at Mexican restaurants can cause you to eat more than you should. Try opting for portion sizes that are smaller than platters. If the dish comes with cheese or sour cream, then you should try for those that are reduced-fat or leave it out. Try to avoid dishes that have been deep-fried.

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