What to Avoid Eating Before Bed If You Have Insomnia

Kozzi-bored_woman_relaxing_in_her_bed-441x294If you have insomnia, foods that have tryptophan are often recommended for you to eat along with plenty of carbohydrates. This is because in order to tryptophan to work, it must get access to the brain. Carbohydrates facilitate this process so that the tryptophan can make its way to the brain. However, there are also several foods that you should make sure to avoid. These foods include caffeine, large meals, alcohol and other liquids.



People that have problems sleeping should make sure to avoid foods and drinks that are caffeinated. These include coffee, tea, chocolate, and most soft drinks. Make sure that you avoid eating or drinking these items at least several hours before your bed. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which is why you have so much trouble once you eat or drink these items.


Large Meals

Large meals take longer to digest, which can leave you feeling uncomfortable and overly full. In addition, you may also develop gas or heartburn, which can only make you feel more uncomfortable as you try to fall asleep. Limit meals to 600 calories if you will eat closer to bed and try to leave at least 3 hours between your meal and bedtime.



Liquids can keep you running to the bathroom all night long. If you want to get restful sleep, you should try to avoid drinking water roughly 90 minutes before it is time to go to sleep.



Alcohol can make you feel sleepy at first. However, alcohol makes you sleep less soundly and you can find yourself waking with up just a few hours later with less restful sleep.

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