Is It Okay to Drink Decaf Coffee At Night?

If you drink coffee at nighttime or have do so on occasion, you may have continued to experience symptoms of insomnia if you have been diagnosed with the condition. However, the small amounts of caffeine that is present in decaf coffee should not disrupt your sleep. After all, the amount that is commonly contained in a single cup of coffee is about 5 milligrams per cup.


However, if the cup of coffee that you consumed was at a restaurant or cafe, it is likely that the coffee was not actually decaffeinated coffee. Unfortunately, in some cases the restaurant may actually serve coffee that is full-caffeinated instead. In some cases, the decaffeinated label on the pot of coffee may even be incorrect.


If you have serious problems with falling asleep after you have drank coffee while eating out, it might be a good idea to consider skipping ordering coffee so that you don’t risk your sleep at nighttime.


If you don’t want to avoid coffee completely, it would be a good idea to ask for more information about the coffee that you ordered to ensure that you in fact receive decaffeinated coffee each time. Otherwise, you can also decide to switch to herbal tea instead as your drink of choice before bed. Herbal teas do not naturally have caffeine.

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