How to Use Food to Get Better Sleep

If you want to get better sleep, you should know that the foods that you eat play an important role in the quality of your sleep. Consuming large, heavy meals close to best time can leave you feeling uncomfortable and can potentially leave you tossing and turning at night time. However, a snack that is 200 calories or lower with certain ingredients can help to improve your nighttime rest.


One of the best foods to eat before you sleep is any food that contains tryptophan, which is an amino-acid that makes up of the molecular components of many plants and animals. You should make sure that you eat these foods alongside carbohydrates, which can help to bring the tryptophan into your brain. This will help to make you feel sleepy.


A study done back in 2005 on patients that were suffering with chronic insomnia indicated that people that consumed foods with high levels of tryptophan in combination with carbohydrates or who consumed pharmaceutical-grade tryptophan supplements saw improvements in sleep and many of the food sources performed as well as the tryptophan supplements.


At night time, when you are feeling like munching on something, instead you should real for a rice cake with low-fat cheese (the food that contains tryptophan) in order to bring on sleep. Some other options of a nighttime snack that will help you to get better sleep naturally include whole-grain crackers, banana slices with low-fat frozen yogurt.

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