How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Many people who are trying to lose weight suffer from negative thoughts. Inner voices tell them that they are unable to reach their goals, that they deserve high calorie foods because of a hard day, that they have already messed up their calorie intakes for the day so it is okay to indulge.


If you have suffered from these negative thoughts, you need to figure out why you are sabotaging your yourself and ask yourself what is needed to change your thought patterns. Maybe you can determine why your diets have not worked and consider alternatives for weight loss. If you do this, you will have a much better chance of being successful than someone that simply says that diets do not work for them.


Maybe you will want to try a new approach because the diets you tried previously were actually unreasonable. If it turns out that the food restrictions were too extreme or you were eating foods that you don’t often eat too often, you can respond by saying, “Maybe if I take a more realistic approach to my diet, I can reach my goals.” If you believe that you have already made good choices for food, you might consider focusing on exercise as your primary method for weight-loss, in addition to sound eating. If emotional eating is your problem, maybe you should deal with the underlying issues that are causing you to overeat.


Whatever the problem is, the best solution is to transform your negative thoughts into positive actions. Figure out what is behind your diet failures and change how you think about your situation to get better results and achieve your weight loss goals.

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