How Insulin Impacts Weight Gain in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Some Type 2 diabetes patients have found that insulin helps them to better control their glucose levels than oral medications. However, insulin can result in weight gain which can negatively impact people that have Type 2 diabetes.


People gain weight when they first start taking insulin because the glucose is finally reaching the cells of the body that need the insulin. Weight gain with insulin is an initial sign that the diabetes is being properly managed. However, since insulin is also a growth hormone, it also promotes the storage of fat. Many Type 2 diabetes patients have weight loss as a goal so gaining weight can result in problems.


The best way to deal with weight gain caused by insulin treatment is to change your diet and exercise regime. By changing these aspects of your diabetes management, you will also have the opportunity to make your body more sensitive to insulin so that you can reduce or stop your insulin treatments in time. However, you should not decide this on your own.


Work with your diabetes care team to find the best solutions for managing your weight and also avoiding the complications that result from insulin treatment.

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