Getting Pregnant When You Have Diabetes

diabetes during pregnancyFor women who have diabetes, becoming pregnant can require a lot of planning. It is important that you make sure to maintain not only the health of your baby, but also your own health when you have diabetes. As a diabetes patient, the best way to start a pregnancy is to see your diabetes care team before you become pregnant so that you can plan accordingly. You should also make sure that you start seeing your medical team as soon as you are aware that you are pregnant.


Here are the steps that you should take before you visit a doctor once you have become pregnant:


Gather detailed records regarding your blood glucose levels. These records should include your fasting glucose levels and the specific amounts of carbohydrates and insulin that you consume during each meal. When your medical team has this information available it is easier for them to help you make the adjustments that will be needed now that you are eating for two.


You should discuss your current medication regime with your doctors. Some diabetes medications may be more helpful than others for pregnant women and it is important that you avoid medications that could be harmful to the baby. Certain medications such as ACE inhibitors, for kidney problems, or statins, that are used to manage your cholesterol levels, should be avoided during pregnancy. If you have been prescribed medications, you should continue to take these medications until your first medical visit with your diabetes care team.


By working closely with your diabetes care team during pregnancy, you can greatly increase the chances that your pregnancy will be a safe one. Managing your diabetes before, during and after pregnancy can reduce complications and ensure that your own health is not comprised due to pregnancy.

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