How to Care For Your Feet When You Have Diabetes

Many diabetic patients are at high risk of developing foot complications from the disease. As a result, you should make sure that caring for your feet is a normal part of your diabetes regimen so that you can avoid serious complications which can include neuropathy, vascular disease and injury.


Check Your Feet for Injuries


You should make sure that you check your feet at least twice per day, preferably in the morning and the evening. You should watch out for signs such as redness, blisters or wounds. If you discover that you have been injured, you should treat the wound immediately by using proper first-aid techniques and making sure that it is covered by a bandage. Check the wound regularly as it heals to be sure that it is actually healing.


Protect Your Feet From Injury and Infections


Washing your feet every day is the best way to prevent foot problems. After you dry your feet, you should use a lotion that has been recommended for people that have diabetes. Moisturizing your feet can help to stop the creation of fissures in the foot skin which can lead to infections.


Taking care of your diabetes by following a proper diabetes management plan can also help you to take care of your feet when you have diabetes. Preventing injuries and infections is the first step to preventing problems when you have diabetes.

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