How to Cope When You Are Sick and Have Diabetes

When you are experiencing the symptoms of a cold, the last thing that you probably want to think about is your diabetes. However, being sick makes your blood glucose levels go up so you need to pay close attention to how you manage your diabetes.


Before You Get Sick


Before you get sick, you should make sure that you draw up a plan with your diabetes care team. This plan may include special sick day meals that you can use when you are having problems with keeping your food down. If there are any medications that you should avoid while sick, you should ask your doctor about these as well.


While You Are Sick


  • While you are sick you should always make sure that you properly take your diabetes medications. If you are vomiting, you should make sure that you call your doctor.


  • Make sure that you check your blood sugar levels frequently, at least four times per day. If you are having trouble with testing yourself because you are too sick, you should have someone perform these tests for you.


  • When you test, make sure to keep a log so that you have it written down in the event that you need to see a doctor.


  • If your blood glucose levels are high (over 250), you should check for ketones.


  • Make sure to eat normal meals and drink liquids so that you don’t become dehydrated.

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