Who Should Take Diabetes Medications?

Diabetes medications aren’t for every person that has diabetes. Diabetes medications typically only work for patients that can still produce insulin. This means that some people that Type 1 diabetes and others that have Type 2 diabetes whose bodies have lost the ability to make insulin cannot use diabetes medications.


Diabetes medications can help some people that have Type 2 diabetes when combined with insulin therapy. This can be done in the cases where the patient can make insulin but needs additional insulin supplements. The goal of these diabetes medications is to help your body use insulin more effectively or provide it with additional insulin as needed.


Diabetes medications may not be prescribed at all for some diabetes patients. If you have diabetes you should talk with your doctor about the best way to treat your diabetes. He or she may recommend that you incorporate other diabetes management activities such as exercise and weight loss.


Learning more about diabetes and getting the right diabetes medications can also help you to learn about the advanced treatments for diabetes as they become available. As you learn about new diabetes medications, you should bring your findings to the attention of your diabetes treatment team in order to learn if the treatments are the right solution for you.

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