Avoiding Hypoglycemia During Exercise

When you have diabetes and you are performing any kind of physical activity, it is important to keep the risk of hypoglycemia in mind. Here are some tips on avoiding hypoglycemia so that you do not put yourself at risk while you exercise.


Have a Snack Before Exercising


Having a snack before you exercise is a good way to boost your blood sugar levels. Before you eat, make sure that you test your blood sugar. You can have foods such as peanut butter, some cheese or an apple. As you work out, your blood glucose may be lowered. But eating the snack can prevent it from going too low.


Test Regularly


You should make a habit to test your blood sugar levels before and after you exercise. This is especially important if you make changes to your exercise regime. Make sure that you carefully track your results and bring them to a doctor if you have had any trouble managing your blood sugar levels when you exercise.


Develop a Regular Routine


As you develop your exercise routine, it is important to plan ahead. You should be aware that your exercise regime can affect your blood sugar levels overnight if you exercise in the evening. Make sure that you eat a snack before you sleep if you exercise in the evening.

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