Avoiding Hypoglycemia During the Summer

Kozzi-the-word-summer-written-in-sand-884-X-588During the warmer months is it a good time to get outside in order to enjoy activities, such as biking, gardening and sports. For people that have diabetes, it is important to think about your health as you perform activities outdoors. Here are some tips to help you prevent hypoglycemia as you engage in outdoor activities during the summer months.


Temperatures Make a Difference


While you may feel just fine doing physical activities outdoors, some activities may negatively impact your blood glucose levels when done in hot or warm weather. Your metabolism works fast when it is warmer. This means that dehydration is also more likely to occur. Having higher blood sugar levels can also lead to an increase in urination.


Watch Out For Symptoms


Hypoglycemia symptoms can sometimes be quite similar to the body’s response to heat. If you are sweating, feel weak, tired or dizzy these could be signs that you are suffering from hypoglycemia.


Talk With Your Doctor About What You Should Do


Talking with your doctor prior to engaging in outdoor physical activities can help to keep you safe from hypoglycemia. You can develop strategies that focus on a regular routine exercise, eating and hydration. Keep in mind how you feel as you perform activities and be aware of the symptoms of hypoglycemia. You should also monitor the length of time that you are performing an activity so that you don’t overexert yourself.

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