4 Techniques for Cooking Healthy Meals

If you have diabetes, you may be struggling with making changes to your diet so that you can still enjoy the foods that you want without feeling deprived. Here are some tips and techniques for cooking healthy meals that still taste great.


Use Herbal Seasonings


Many unhealthy recipes rely on salt, sugar and fat to bring out the flavors in food. However, by adding herbal seasonings, you can still enjoy complex flavor without having to worry. In addition, herbal seasonings add only a few calories to your meal and some even offer health benefits.


Eat More Seafood


Eating seafood can provide a tasty alternative to red meat. For added flavor, consider grilling your seafood or adding herbal seasonings. Seafood tends to be low in fat and high in protein. As a result, you can meet your dietary requirements for protein intake.


Remove Fat and Skin From Meat


Trimming the fat and skin from meat before you cook it can help you to save on calories and also reduce your fat intake. Consider buying chicken breasts instead of wings, thighs and drumsticks if you want to avoid the hassle of trimming the meat on your own.


Use Cooking Spray Instead of Butter


Cooking sprays can provide the lubricant that you need to cook your favorite foods without the unhealthy aspects of cooking with butter, lard and cooking oils. If you use cooking sprays, you are also better able to control your intake of oil since only a couple of sprays are required to cook most dishes.

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