Helpful Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

tvIf you find yourself eating when you are not actually hungry or have recently eaten, you are likely practicing emotional eating. Emotional eating can cause you to overeat, resulting in weight gain and problems with managing your blood sugar levels. If you need help with emotional eating, here are some tips on how to stop.


Create a List of Activities


Creating a list of activities that you enjoy is a good way to distract yourself from emotional eating. Anytime you want to eat when you are not actually hungry, refer to this list. You may find that you want to eat because you are not in the best mood and selecting an activity that is fun can help remedy that problem.


Talk to a Professional


If you think that the reason why you can’t stop eating emotionally is due to a mental concern, such as depression, anxiety or stress, talk with a mental health professional. He or she may recommend therapy or medications that can help to relieve your symptoms so that you are not self-medicating with food.


Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand


If you are tempted to reach for the junk food when you eat emotionally, it is a good idea to keep healthy snacks on hand. Healthy alternatives can help prevent the damage caused by satisfying cravings with the wrong foods.

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