3 Things That Can Impact Your Blood Glucose Reading

blood-sugar-monitor3As you manage your diabetes, you need to ensure that the equipment that you are using is accurately recording your blood glucose levels. Here are some tips to ensure that your equipment is working as it should.


Make Sure Your Equipment Is Working Properly


A glucose meter that is dirty or has been damaged can give an inaccurate reading. You should never expose your glucose meter to direct sunlight. It should always be used in accordance to the instructions for use so that it can provide accurate readings each time.


Check Your Test Strips


You should also check your test strips to make sure that they have not expired. Expired test strips may not function as stated. You should always check the accuracy of your testing equipment by using the control solution that comes with your glucose meter. The value given by the control solution should be in accordance with the range indicated by the test strip container.


Human Error


Failing to put enough blood on the test strip or testing while your hands are wet can cause an inaccurate ready from your glucose meter. Before you test, make sure that there are no substances on your hands. Wash and dry them thoroughly to prevent errors before you test.


If you want to make sure that you get an accurate reading from your blood glucose meter, follow the instructions carefully each time you test.

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