Johnson & Johnson Announces Type 1 Diabetes Research Initiative

Johnson & Johnson has announced a research partnership to look into the root cause of Type 1 diabetes in order to find a cure for the disease. The new initiative is a research partnership in collaboration with immunologist and Washington University professor Dr. Emil Unanue and his colleagues.


The research will look how how specific immune system cells are involved with the initiation and progression of Type 1 diabetes. For reasons that aren’t yet understood, the immune system can attack and destroy beta cells in the pancreas. This destroys the production of insulin in Type 1 diabetes that is required to convert blood sugar. As a result, Type 1 diabetes patients are required to take insulin shots daily.


The company hopes that the findings will result in a cure for the disease. The leader of the study Dr. Joseph A. Hedrick says that the research hopes to find a way to manipulate the immune system so that it no longer causes beta cells to be destroy. In the process, the protective nature of the immune system should also be preserved so that the body can fight off infections and tumors.

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