Link Found Between Death From Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes in Chinese Adults

A new study published to the journal Diabetes Care has indicated that there is a link to diabetes in Chinese adults who have a higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease. The researchers say that the study is the first of its kind to look at mortality risk in China.


The study was led by Guangwei Li, MD, of China-Japan Friendship Hospital and colleagues and look at the residents of Da Qing, China in order to determine and compare the death rates and causes of death. Roughly 600 people of the study had newly diagnosed diabetes at the beginning of the study.


As the study progressed, more of the study’s participants that had been diagnosed with diabetes when compared with people that have normal glucose tolerance levels. The diabetes group had three times the RR for death when compared with participants with normal glucose tolerance.


When looking at the diabetes group, the researchers noted that cardiovascular disease had become the cause of death for roughly half of the men and women. The women that were in the diabetes group ha a higher risk at nearly 60 percent when compared to just 47 percent of men. The men in the diabetes group were more likely to die from stroke at over 50 percent when compared to women, 42 percent.

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