People Are Developing Diabetes At Younger Ages Says San Antonio Surgeon

Dr. Carmelo Otero, a cardio thoracic surgeon at San Antonio’s Southwest General Hospital, says that the patients that come to see him that have issues with diabetes are getting younger and younger. Dr. Otero says that roughly 60 to 70 percent of patients have issues related to diabetes. He says he also sees little difference in patients understanding of how to avoid the disease and become proactive at stopping it.


Children are not getting enough physical activity because they watch too much TV and are very inactive, according to Dr. Otero. A new study also shows that diet and exercise help but weight loss alone isn’t enough for preventing the disease. The research shows that the type of food that is eaten is just as important as making sure to participate in a healthy lifestyle.


There are roughly 29 million Americans that have been diagnosed with diabetes and roughly one-third of these patients are estimated to be undiagnosed. Many studies have also pointed out that Americans in certain minority groups are more likely to be at risk for developing the disease.

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