Clinical Trial Looks At Benefits of Vitamin D on Diabetes

A clinical trial is currently underway in order to determine if vitamin D impacts insulin secretion. The study is known as the D2d study and will include roughly 2,500 people. The participants will be asked to take a pill everyday for the next 3 years. Some of the participants will have actual vitamin D pills while other participants will receive placebo pills. The participants will not be made aware as to which pills are actually vitamin D pills.


The researchers will then make a comparison of the two groups in order to determine if the vitamin D pills actually help to slow the progression toward developing diabetes. The leader of the study is Dr. Vanita Aroda, Physician Investigator and Scientific Director of MedStar Community Research Clinical Research Center at MedStar Health Research Institute. The study is currently looking for enrollees in Hyattsville, Maryland.


The study will take place at roughly 20 different study sites across the country. The researchers hope that the vitamin D study will demonstrate that vitamin D has the effects required to stimulate the pancreas in order to induce insulin secretion.

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