Eating More Protein With Breakfast Improves Blood Glucose Levels

protein-bfastA new study done by researchers at the University of Missouri has indicated that eating more protein at breakfast for Type 2 diabetes patients can help to lower spikes in glucose levels that occur after both breakfast and lunch.


The findings indicated that for people who ate breakfast, they were more likely to have appropriate glucose responses after lunch. It was previously known that diabetics should not skip breakfast because it would result in a huge spike in glucose levels at lunch.


In the study the researchers review data from Type 2 diabetes patients with regard to the levels of glucose, insulin and other gut hormones after both breakfast and lunch. The study participants were eight required to eat a high-protein or high-carbohydrate breakfast. The lunch for both groups included a standard amount of protein and carbohydrates.


It was determined that for the group that ate more protein during breakfast, each individual’s glucose levels were lower after the meal. The levels of insulin in the patients were also slightly elevated after lunch, which indicated that the bodies of these individuals were working to properly regulate blood-sugar levels. The researchers say that eating more protein could be beneficial to diabetes patients, however, they do not need to take in extreme amounts of protein in order to see results.

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