Diabetes in Parents Linked to Type 1 Diabetes in Offspring

A study done in Sweden has determined that children that have any type of diabetes have a higher likelihood of developing Type 1 diabetes. The results of the study were published to the journal Diabetologia.


The study was done by Associate Professor Tahereh Moradi, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, and colleagues. The study looked at over one million children born in Sweden between the years 1992 and 2004. The risk of developing Type 1 diabetes was higher in the children of any parental ethnicity if one of the parents had diabetes. Having a father that had Type 1 diabetes increase the risk to the child by five times. However, having a mother of with any type of diabetes increased the risk of Type 1 diabetes by three times.


The study also looked at first trimester maternal BMO and diabetes risk and the findings indicated that there was a 33% increase in the risk of developing Type 1 diabetes in the offspring that have a maternal BMI in the normal range. The findings of the study indicate that heredity for Type 1 diabetes is the strongest risk factor when it comes to whether or not Type 1 diabetes will develop in the offspring.

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