Pears May Help With Diabetes Symptoms

pearA new study, published to Food Research International, has indicated that Bartlett and Starkrimson pears coil have health benefits for people with diabetes. The research team was lead by researchers from the North Dakota State University, Fargo, and the University of Massachusetts. The study looked at whether the peel, pulp and juice of pears could assist with the management and prevention of Type 2 diabetes. The researchers also looked into whether or not these two pear varieties could help with hypertension and intestinal ulcers.


The researchers did experiences in vitro lab experiments and found that phenolic compounds that are found naturally in the peel of the Starkrimson pears and the pulp of the Bartlett pear could help with controlling early stage diabetes. Since the studies were not done on humans, the researchers say that the study would need to be replicated in humans in order to determine if compounds extracted from the pears could indeed be effective in treating diabetes.


The researchers believe that if the study was replicated in humans that the pears studied could help to lower the reliance on drugs for patients that have pre-diabetes. In addition, a diet that includes pears could help to establish better control over blood glucose levels. Diabetes currently affects roughly 387 million adults around the world.

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