Eating Four Eggs Each Week Can Reduce Diabetes Risk

4eggsA new study has indicated that eating four eggs each week could reduce Type 2 diabetes risk by roughly 33%. The finding indicated that eating more than four eggs did not bring any additional benefits. However, egg consumption appeared to be associated with a lower risk for the disease as well as lower blood sugar levels.


The research was done at the University of Eastern Finland and looked at the eating habits of 2,332 men that are between the ages of 42 and 60. The people that ate 4 eggs each week at a risk that was 37 percent lower than the men that ate just one egg. Even after adjusting for other factors such as the level of exercise, BMI, smoking and diet, the benefits still remained. This study was published to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


The researchers believe that the results are due to the fact that eggs have a lot of nutrients and can effect glucose metabolism and low-grade inflammation. Researchers do warn that people who have already been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes should not increase the number of eggs that they are eating because this could lead to an increase in heart disease.

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