Stem Cell Therapy Could Assist With Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

nano technology diabetesInsulin resistance is the defining feature of Type 2 diabetes. This is the main issue that scientists have struggled with in the quest to find effective treatments for the condition. However, a new study done by researchers in Canada may have found a solution. The approach combines stem cell therapy with antidiabetic medication.


Type 2 diabetes makes up roughly 95 percent of the cases of diabetes that exist worldwide. Current treatment methods are focused on correcting blood sugar imbalances by injection of insulin. However, the treatments often come with side effects such as weight gain, problems with the gastrointestinal track and hyperglycemia. Roughly 80 percent of Type 2 diabetes patients are overweight.


For this new study, scientists transplanted human stem cells into mice that had been administered diets with various levels of fat content and followed with the administration of anti-diabetic drugs. The results demonstrated improved glucose metabolism and increased sensistivity to insulin, which are the main problems that affect Type 2 diabetes patients. However, after 24 weeks of the study, the researchers said that there were only marginal improvements in the diabetes symptoms of the mice for the mice on a high-fat diet. However, after also adding in low doses of three antidiabetic drug to the mice diet, glucose tolerance in the mice improved dramatically. The drugs used in the study were sitagliptin, metformin and rosiglitazone.

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