MySugr App Makes Managing Diabetes Easier

my-sugar-app-diabetesFor diabetes patients, tracking blood sugar levels is essential for managing diabetes. A startup called mySugr, based in Vienna, Austria wants to build digital products that help take the stress out of aggregating diabetes health information. Currently mySugar has over 230,000 users for its diabetes management apps and educational tools. These tools use gamification in order to keep patients engaged and motivated to use the technology.


The technology also includes an Optical Character Recognition app which permits users to integrate information from existing blood monitors into their smart phones. The diabetes logbook app has gained certification from the FDA as a medical device. The company is focusing its products on diabetes sufferers between the ages of 35 to 50 and is currently serving the US, as its largest market, along with Europe, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong.


The founders of the company say that before the creation of mySugr managing diabetes was very messy for patients because they would have to write down blood glucose values in a diary. However, with the mySugr app patients can set daily goals for maintain their diabetes and that is what sets the app apart from others available on the market currently.


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