Two New Treatments for Type 1 Diabetes

In 2015, the number of patients will diabetes continues to increase. However, there are some new treatments on the horizon that might provide better care to diabetes patients. Here are some of the new technologies that are planning to transform diabetes treatments in 2015.


1) Bionic Pancreas


In 2014, a study published to the New England Journal of Medicine discussed how a bionic pancreas could make it possible to regulate glucose levels for individuals suffering from Type 1 diabetes. The device is a wearable that is made up of an app powered by a smart phone that provides pumps for insulin and glucagon. It also includes a continuous glucose monitor. This device has been successfully tested in human patients. However, there is not a date on when this type of device will be available as a treatment for Type 1 diabetes patients. The findings indicate that this device could be excellent for children with Type 1 diabetes because it would allow them to function as normal.


2) Stem Cell Research


In the fall of last year, researchers at Harvard University published a study that showed that they were able to create insulin-producing beta cells from inducing pluripotent stem cells. The study indicates that there might be potential benefits for people with Type 1 diabetes.


Researchers hope to be able to perform more studies on these treatment options as the year progresses.

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