Low Vitamin D Levels Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risk

A new study has indicated that people that have low levels of vitamin D are at an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. This increased level of risk still occurs even if the person isn’t overweight or obese. The study was done by looking at 150 people in Spain.


Tests were done in order to determine their vitamin D levels and to check for diabetes, prediabetes and body mass index. The results indicated that obese people that were not diabetic had higher vitamin D levels than the those obese individuals with diabetes. Lean people with diabetes were also demonstrated to have lower levels of vitamin D than lean people without the disease.


Vitamin D levels appeared to be more closely associated with blood sugar levels rather than BMI. Although the study was not able to determine whether low vitamin D level actually causes diabetes, the findings did make a clear connection between vitamin D and blood sugar levels.


The study leader, Manuel Macias-Gonzales of the University of Malaga in Spain says that vitamin D deficiency could play a role along with obesity in increasing the risk of diabetes. Patients at risk of diabetes can combat this risk by getting more outdoor exercise.

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