Overeating and Unhealthy Habits Are Contributing to the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic

Diabetes, as of 2010, was considered to be the seventh leading cause of death for Americans. The epidemic of Type 2 diabetes is continuing to spread around the world. Type 2 diabetes is though to be the result of the body’s failure to properly use insulin. In addition, many researchers believe that lifestyle is a huge contributor to the development of the disease.


Dr. Michael LeMay, an endocrinologist with Hartford HeathCare, says that diabetes is mainly due to unhealthy behaviors, such as improper eating and lack of exercise. He blames snacking and sedentary activities such as watching TV, playing video games and using the Internet as a contributor to the lack of exercise.


In addition, diabetes affects blacks and Hispanics in the United States at higher rates than the overall population. The major reason for this disparity is lack of economic access to quality food choices, exercise and activity facilities and proper diabetic care.


Diabetes is a serious problem that needs to be addressed because it is creating a financial burden on governments and healthcare systems. Globally, it is estimated that roughly $548 billion was spent on health care for diabetes.

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