People With Type 2 Diabetes Should Do Exercise After Dinner

A new study has found that people that have Type 2 diabetes should exercise after eating dinner. Exercise has typically been recommended for people that are suffering with the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. However, previous research had still not uncovered whether people that have Type 2 diabetes will do better by working out before dinner or after dinner.


The study was done by researchers at the University of Missouri and discovered that people that have Type 2 diabetes can lower the risks of cardiovascular diseases more effectively by exercising after to eating. The study confirms that not only is intensity and duration of exercise important, the time at which the exercise occurs is also important. After eating dinner, exercise that utilizes resistance has the greatest possible effect on lowering glucose and fat levels.


The findings were made by looking at a group of obese people that had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. On one visit, the group was made to do resistance exercises prior to eating dinner. On a second visit, the participants exercised roughly 45 minutes after eating dinner. The exercises that were performed included resistance exercises including leg curls, abdominal crunches and seated calf raises.


The results were that in the patients that exercised after dinner were able to lower both sugar and fat levels. People that exercised before dinner were able to reduce only sugar levels in their blood. The findings were then compared to non-exercise days, which of course yield no results

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