Diabetes Is Risk Factor for Heart Disease

Diabetes has been determined to be a risk factor for a heart attack according to previous studies. Therefore, to lower the risk, Dr. Vladimir Swerchowsky, recommends that patients that do everything possible. Diabetic patients have the same risk of developing a heart attack as a person that is not diabetic but has already had a heart attack previously.


The major issues that contribute to the risk of having a heart attack are what goes into the diabetic person’s diet. Sugar has been discovered to be a major cause of the development of diabetes in Type 2 diabetes. The relationship between what diabetes patients eat and the body’s response means that sugar, triglycerides and issues with insulin resistance have an effect on the blood vessels.


The part of the blood vessels that is most affected is called the endothelium. The endothelium becomes damaged and results in constriction, clotting abnormalities and inflammation. The blood vessels also undergo constriction.


As the diabetes progresses, the endothelium becomes more damage and eventually results in kidney failure, blindness, and neuropathy.


The immediate cause of a heart attack is usually the result of the coronary arteries become more obstructed. Diabetes in this sense can be considered the equivalent of heart disease.

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