Patient Financial Insecurities Tied to Poor Diabetes Control

A new study has indicated that people that lack reliable sources of food are more likely to have trouble with controlling their diabetes. These findings were discovered after researchers looked into individuals with diabetes and economic factors affecting the ability to manage the disease. The findings indicated that there was roughly a 39 percent increase in the likelihood that the individuals that have economic insecurities also have poorly controlled diabetes.


Access to medication and food seem to account for the majority of the problems with regard to diabetes control according to Dr. Seth Berkowitz, the lead author of the study from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA.


There are roughly 30 million Americans that are currently living with diabetes according to estimates from the CDC. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes found in adults. The disease is associated with obesity and is characterized by the body’s inability to make enough insulin or insulin resistance.


In this study, the researchers looked at data beginning in June of 2012 from roughly 400 diabetic people that were attending clinics and health centers in Massachusetts.


In reviewing responses from the study participants, roughly 40 percent of the people that had reported some issues with getting access to food, medicine and other items needed to control diabetes also reported having out of control diabetes.


Roughly 28 percent of people reported that they were not able to take the diabetes medications that they had been prescribed because they were unable to afford the medications. Fourteen percent of individuals said that they were unable to pay utility bills, twenty percent said that they did not have access to food on a regular basis. Eleven percent said that their housing situation was not stable.


When comparing individuals that suffered from instabilities with individuals that did not have these issues, the findings indicated that the individuals with instabilities were far more likely to have trouble with controlling diabetes. These findings have also demonstrated that the recent healthcare legislation may not actually help these individuals if they are still experiencing financial hardships elsewhere that prevent them from properly managing their diabetes.

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