Best Hospitals for Diabetes Care in the US

kozzi-two_doctors_talking_iDiabetes is currently the seventh leading major cause of death in the United States. There are roughly one million new diagnoses of the disease every year according to figures from the American Diabetes Association. Roughly 10 percent of the population has the disease. When it comes to diabetes treatment some hospitals in the United States are doing more than others to deliver excellent care to diabetes patients. Here are the top hospitals:


1. University of Washington Medical Center (Seattle, WA)


This hospital has a Diabetes Care Center and provides care to patients that have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.


2. UCLA Medical Center (Los Angeles, CA)


This hospital excels in primary diabetes care thanks to the UCLA Diabetes program.


3. Yale-New Haven Hospital (New Haven, CT)


This hospital excels in diabetes education tanks to its Diabetes Center.


4. New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Weill Cornell (New York, NY)


This hospital offers education to the public as well as innovative treatments thanks to its diabetes center.


5. Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD)


This hospital is committed to improving patient care and research on diabetes. They recently created the Johns Hopkins Diabetes Institute.


6. Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA)


This hospital offers eye screenings for diabetes patients and is one of the oldest centers in the country that is dedicated to people that have diabetes.


7. Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)


The Diabetes Center at this hospital focuses on education, eye screenings and early specialty care for diabetes patients.


8. Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN)


The May Clinic offers comprehensive diabetes education for thousands of people each ear. The hospital also holds classes to help patients to learn to manage their blood sugar levels.

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