FDA Recommends Technology for Diabetes Management

researchThe Food and Drug Administration in the United States has just made the recommendation for the use of technology in the management of diabetes. The FDA has suggested that technology could help patients to gain better control over their blood sugar levels.


Patients that manage their diabetes treatment manually often have trouble with compliance. In addition, they may not be able to obtain as much control over their blood sugar levels as an automatic device might be able to. People that have diabetes have trouble controlling their blood sugar levels. This is due to the fact that their bodies either don’t make enough of the hormone insulin or they have in fact become insulin-resistant. Both of these scenarios result in blood sugar levels that can be higher than normal and unpredictable during the person’s daily routine.


The FDA currently recommends several insulin pumps in order to help diabetes patients manage their blood sugar levels via the automatic delivery of insulin. These pumps are designed to be connected to a tube that is inserted into the skin.


In addition to insulin pumps, a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is another device that can assist with the management of the blood sugar. The CGM contains sensors that check the levels of glucose in the blood roughly every five minutes.


The FDA suggests that these devices could help people that have diabetes to get better control over their blood sugar levels. Better control over glucose levels means that diabetic patients can reduce the risk of serious complications later on.


Scientists are also currently working on the development of artificial pancreas systems that are designed to monitor blood sugar levels and deliver the appropriate amount of insulin to the patient automatically.


The artificial pancreas systems have yet to be tested in clinical trials or approved by the FDA. However, as more companies work on devices to treat diabetes patients with less intervention from the patient, more devices are likely to be brought to market.

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