Should You Tell Other People About Your Diabetes Diagnosis?

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is your decision as to whether or not you want someone to know that you have the disease. You should consider who you should tell, when you should deliver the news and the reasons why you want to tell that person. Think about these things carefully.


Telling your family or close friends is a good idea if they will be supportive. This will help them to get educated about your condition and enable you to create an emergency plan if you have a health issue arise. If you take medications that can result in hypoglycemia, such as insulin, then you should also let them know about the symptoms associated with low or high blood sugar so that they can help you to find emergency care, if needed.


This also doesn’t mean that every person in your life has to know that you have the condition. It is a choice that can change over time as your diabetes progresses. If maintaining your privacy is important, then you might only want to talk with your closest relatives about your condition. If you find that you prefer to be more open, you may find that discussing your condition can help you to feel better.


Every person has a different reaction to finding out that you have diabetes. Therefore, you should think carefully about your decisions to share. Having people that are supportive and positive can help a lot when it comes to the stresses of diabetes management.

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