Everyday Meal Choices to Reduce Calories

If you are trying to lower the number of calories that you consume as a part of your diet, you should be aware of the extra calories that you consume without paying attention. Consuming just slightly less of your favorite foods is a great way to save on calories. Here are some options for you to try.


Purchase Smaller Tortillas


By buying tortillas that are smaller in size, you can reduce the number of calories that you consume when you make tacos and other favorites. You can also reduce your calories because with a small tortilla, you are not able to pile as much food on, such as meats and sauces.


Eat Popcorn Without Butter


Eating popcorn without butter can significantly lower the number of calories that you consume. While buttered popcorn smells great, the calories that come along with buttered popcorn are not always worth the extra calories. There are lighter versions of these foods that you can eat to save on the calories. If you opt to hold the butter on the popcorn, you can lower your calorie intake by 100 calories or more.


Look for Ways to Improve Dessert


If you enjoy eating a meal and then having dessert, there are some methods that you can use to help reduce the number of calories that you consume for dessert. Instead of enjoy full-calorie cakes and cookies, you should make a dessert from scratch instead. The dessert will allow you to select ingredients that have less calories and carbohydrates and less sugar.

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