Engage in Portion Control for Better Blood Sugar Control

One of the toughest challenges when it comes to staying within your daily allotted calorie and carbohydrate counts is avoiding eating too much. You may think that it is not as bad if you are eating healthier foods but all of the excess calories add up. You may find that you add the most number of excess calories to your diet when you eat sugary or high-fat foods. However, as little as an extra 100 calories could cause you to fail to meet your weight loss goals or other weight maintenance goals.


As a part of a healthy diet, you should work on estimating the right portion sizes for your meal. You can do this by using household objects, such as a measuring cup, to help you determine exactly how much you are eating. As you weigh and measure the foods that you commonly eat, over time you will be able to better regulate your portion control because you’ve learned exactly how much to eat.


This can also help you if you are eating out at a restaurant, so that you can determine when it is time to stop eating. Check the labels of food packaging for serving size information.

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