Medication Questions for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

For some Type 2 diabetes patients, medication is needed to help these patients control their blood sugar levels. The majority of patients are required to take at least one medication that is responsible for lowering blood glucose. A few patients don’t have to take medications.


Type 2 diabetes is a disease that is progressive. This means the over time, your body will lose the ability to make and use insulin as the result of changes in your body. Therefore, medications that are prescribed to you may change over time. If you are able to achieve normal blood sugar levels with exercise and diet, you may be able to stay off medications for at least awhile.


Here are some questions to ask your diabetes healthcare team about medications:


How does the medication help with lowering my blood glucose?


How soon will the medication show its effects?


What is the proper dosage, frequency and times of the day that I should take the medication?


What should I do if I miss a dose?


What side effects does the medication have?


When should I contact a healthcare provider if my blood sugar levels are too low or too high?


When should I test my blood sugar levels?


How do I properly store the medication?


Does this medication interact with other medicines that I take or over-the-counter drugs?

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