How to Find a Diabetes Support Group

Sometimes when a person has diabetes, he or she might feel alone and isolated. Support groups are helpful for people who have diabetes because they offer the opportunity to connect with others who also have diabetes.


By finding a support group for people who have diabetes, you can get to know people that share your issues and can also understand firsthand what you are going through. By sharing your own experiences with diabetes, you can feel better about your own situation and know that there are others who are there to help.


Here are some tips for finding a diabetes support group.


Women’s Diabetes Support


For women who have diabetes, they are often facing very specific concerns. Many diabetes centers host women’s diabetes support groups that deal specifically with issues such as acceptance of the disease, relationship issues, and pregnancy concern.


Support for Couples


Diabetes support groups that can accommodate couples can be helpful so that couples can talk about the issues that they face with living with diabetes while in a relationship. This can help the spouse or partner who does not have diabetes understand better what it is like for the person who does.


There are other support groups that are specifically for men, children and parents and other groups. If you want to find a diabetes support group, the best place to start your search is online.

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