Why Do People Who Have Type 2 Diabetes Need to Take Insulin?

Many people think that the only people that have to take insulin are the patients who have Type 1 diabetes. However, there are other people who need to take insulin as well. Some Type 2 diabetes patients are also required to take insulin. Here is why some people with Type 2 diabetes need to take insulin.


Temporary Usage of Insulin


For some patients, the use of insulin is required only on a temporary basis. These instances can include pregnancy, broken bones, cancer and surgery. These treatments are usually temporary and last until the body has healed itself from the trauma.


Permanent Usage of Insulin


Other Type 2 diabetes patients may be required to take insulin permanently. This is because they have problems where their bodies are not able to make enough insulin. In many cases, this occurs when people age. Some individuals may also become resistant to insulin as the result of a weight gain or chronic emotional or physical stress. For these individuals, oral medications are no longer enough to stop diabetes.


While many people have the idea that the use of insulin is the result of failing to properly manage one’s diabetes, this is not always true. In certain cases, failing to eat properly and diet could result in a high blood glucose levels. However, the other case is that the person may just be seeing a progression in the disease.

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