Tips for Using Insulin

Although the majority of manufacturers of insulin recommend refrigeration, injecting insulin that is cold can make injecting more painful. Storing insulin at room temperature and avoiding heat can make injecting less painless. Insulin should also not be kept in a place where it might freeze.


If you have to purchase more than one bottle of insulin, you should make sure that you put those bottles in the refrigerator. Make sure that you also pay attention to the expiration dates on the bottles so that they do not expire.


You should never use insulin that has been left at room temperature for longer than one month. You should also never use expired insulin. Each time you inject, you should check the bottle to make sure that the insulin looks normal. Insulin should be clear and not cloud and you should always watch out for discoloration or the presence of particles in the bottle. Crystals or clumps in the bottle mean that you should not use it.


When you inject, if you use disposable syringes, you should make sure that you dispose of them properly. Make sure that you put them into a heavy container that can’t be easily punctured. To ensure that you don’t risk someone else using the syringe, you should make sure that you separate the barrel from the plunger of the need. When the container is full, you should make sure to mark it has contaminated and dispose of it according to the medical waste laws in your area.


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