Taking Control of Diabetes During Pregnancy

The number of women who are at reproductive age who have diabetes is currently around two million individuals. For women who have diabetes and want to become pregnant, they should make sure that they have normal blood glucose levels first. Women who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who become pregnant are also at risk for other conditions.


Women with diabetes can end up with babies who have large birth weights, the babies may experience premature birth or fetal death, a condition known as pre-eclampsia can occur, which is surge in blood pressure that is the result of a protein in the urine.


The pregnancy may also put women at risk of developing other diabetes complications including diabetic retinopathy, kidney disease and hypoglycemia. In order to ensure a healthy pregnancy, diabetic women should make sure that their blood glucose levels remain at normal ranges. Diabetes healthcare teams can make recommendations including checking A1C levels, maintaining steady blood glucose levels and a complete medical evaluation before becoming pregnant.


After a woman with diabetes becomes pregnant, she should make sure that she monitors her blood glucose levels at least six times each day. Seeing diabetes care professionals on a regular basis for evaluations and to ask questions can help to ensure a successful pregnancy. Pregnant women should also make sure that they eat healthy and get exercise.

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