Heart Disease Risk Is Higher in Diabetes Patients

Many studies have confirmed that there is a link between diabetes and heart disease. For patients that have diabetes, especially women, there is an increased risk of heart disease. Cardiovascular disease that results in a heart attack or stroke is one of the top causes of death in both women and men that have diabetes.


Why Do People With Diabetes Experience Heart Disease?


The damage that diabetes does to the body explains why diabetes patients are more likely to develop heart disease. Over time, diabetes patients experience blood vessel damage, which is due to the poor control of blood glucose levels. In addition, diabetes patients also have a tendency to be overweight, which is often the result of a lifestyle that lacks proper diet and exercise.


How to Stop Heart Disease Before It Develops


The best way to keep heart disease from developing is to avoid getting diabetes in the first place. However, for people that have diabetes, smoking cessation and weight loss can help to prevent heart disease. All diabetes patients should make sure to engage in physical activity regularly, as well as, eat healthy diets to lower the risks of developing heart disease.

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