How to Make Healthier Choices At the Grocery Store When You Have Diabetes

If you have been issued a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, you may need help with making changes to the foods that you buy at the grocery store in favor of healthier choices. If you are not sure what you should buy, here are some tips on what to buy next time you shop at the grocery store.


Select Fiber-Rich Foods


Adults should consume fiber regularly. However, it is important to watch your fiber intake because too much fiber may result in constipation.




Seafood is a good option to obtain the benefits of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are typically found in coldwater fish, such as, tuna, salmon, and halibut. For people that have diabetes, seafood is a better choice because it is lower in saturated fat.




If you are looking for better snack options, choosing foods that are high in protein will keep you full longer and won’t have as large of an impact on your blood glucose levels. Some options include nuts and low-fat cheese.




Carbohydrate intake can directly impact your blood glucose levels. However, choosing the right carbohydrates is key. Talk to your nutritionist if you have questions about carbohydrate intake. Go with foods such as whole-wheat pasta and beans.

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