Should You Do Yoga When You Have Diabetes?

Many people are curious about whether yoga is a good activity to perform when they have diabetes. Here are some tips to help you decide if yoga is right for your exercise routine.


What Are the Benefits of Yoga?


Yoga originated in India and today it is practiced around the world mainly as a form of exercise. The postures of yoga are designed to help increase the flexibility of the body, improve balance and strength. There are also several different styles of yoga which include iyengar, ashtanga, hatha and more.


Yoga Doesn’t Replace Other Exercises


If you are planning to add yoga to your exercise routine, you should remember that it is not a replacement for other exercises. You should continue to perform your other exercises while adding yoga on as a supplement.


Talk to Your Doctor


Before you decide to do yoga, you should talk with your doctor. Some postures may not be safe for people that have diabetes complications. Yoga is also not recommended for individuals that have neuropathy, foot problems or high blood pressure.


Find a Class


Finding a class to try yoga is a good way to get started for people that have diabetes to ensure that the postures are being done correctly.


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