3 Tips for Maintaining Your Diabetes Supplies

If you have diabetes, your diabetes supplies play a major role in maintaining your health in your daily life. It is important that you keep your tools in good working order. Here are some tips for maintaining your diabetes supplies.


Avoid Temperatures That Are Too Cool for Insulin


Your insulin should never be kept in the heat, otherwise you will destroy the effectiveness of the dosages. However, you should also never freeze it because it will also be rendered inactive. Instead keep insulin at cool temperatures in a cool environment.


Test Strips Should Be Kept Away From Damage


If you use test strips with your glucose meter, you must make sure that you protect the the test strips from moisture and debris. Each time you use a test strip, make sure to close the canister right away. Protecting your test strips will ensure that you get an accurate reading each time you test your blood glucose levels.


Protect Your Meter


Buying a protective pouch for your glucose meter is a good way to protect it from extreme temperatures. You should also never expose your glucose meter to direct sunlight. By following these tips and getting organized, you can ensure that the tools you need to manage your diabetes are working as they should.

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