4 Tips for Curbing Sugar Cravings

As a diabetic, it is extremely important that you monitor your food intake. This includes curbing your sugar cravings so that you do not raise your blood sugar levels. If you are always craving sweets, here are some tips on using sugar substitutes to help you better manage your eating habits.


Substitute With Low-Calorie Sweeteners


Low-calorie sweeteners offer an alternative to sugar. They are also commonly known as artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes. The best part is that they often have significantly less calories and carbohydrates than sugar.


Common Foods That Use Sugar Substitutes


Sugar substitutes are commonly found in diet drinks, candy, ice cream, chewing gum and various desserts. You can also use them on fruit or as a sweetener for hot and cold drinks. If you use a sugar substitute on your food, you can achieve the sweetness that you are looking for without negatively impacting your blood sugar levels.


Less Is More


When you use sugar substitutes, you should be aware that the sweetness level is not comparable to sugar and may be significantly stronger. You will likely only need a tiny amount to achieve your desired level of sweetness.


Check the Nutrition Labels


Some foods already include sugar alternatives and are typically labeled as “sugar-free” or “with Stevia” as examples of how sugar substitute foods are labeled. You should always check the nutrition label on the packaging, even if the foods say that they don’t have sugar added to ensure that they are in fact sugar-free.

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