Diabetes Experts Praise Arrival of Artificial Pancreas

The recent development of the artificial pancreas has experts calling the device the biggest breakthrough for diabetes treatment since the development of insulin nearly 100 years ago. The artificial pancreas makes managing diabetes easier for patients because of the fact that the issue of human error is removed entirely from the process. The artificial pancreas is made up of a sensor and insulin pump that work in combination in order to check the blood sugar levels of the diabetic so that the blood sugar is automatically set to be at a normal range.


Dr. Bruce Bode of Atlanta Diabetes Associates explains that the device helps Type 1 diabetes patients by “every minute, it’s calculating how much insulin to give.” Bode is currently the lead author on a study that is being done to test artificial pancreas in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Bode says he hopes to obtain FDA approval by 2016 and finish the trials by the end of 2015.


Type 1 diabetes is a disease that primarily affects children. Parents who have children with the disease constantly have to worry about monitoring food intake and activities for changes in blood sugar levels. Monitoring blood sugar levels during sleep is particularly important and that is where the artificial pancreas can make the most difference for children living with the disease.

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